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The struts and shocks inside a vehicle are important components that help your car handle better. Struts and shocks help maintain a cushioning for your car on harsh road conditions, allowing the ride to be smooth for you and your passengers, whether the road is smooth or not. In Miami, FL, there are many places to go to have your struts and shocks replaced or looked at, but no other place will get the job done like Econotires.

If you are wondering whether your struts and shocks might need to be replaced soon, there are many indications that can come from simply driving the car around, such as:

• Excessive Bouncing—If your vehicle bounces an abnormal amount during transit, it can be a sign that your shocks have worn down. It might be time to call Econotires for new shock installation.

• Problems with Steering—Problems with your steering, such as poor steering response, stiffness, or random noises, can be an indicator that you might need strut and shock replacement.

• Poor Handling—If your car has a tendency to sway while on the road, “nose dive” or be unstable during a stop, or is leaking fluids from the shocks or struts, it might be time to have them looked at.

If you are experiencing any or all of these problems, it might be time to come down to the best tire shop in Miami, FL—Econotires! We are not just involved with tire sales, as we are also experts when it comes to shock and strut installation.

Whether you know the struts and shocks in your car need to be replaced and need someone in the Miami, FL area to do it for you or you are simply looking for the best pricing on these kinds of mechanical procedures, call Econotires today!

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